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The key issue for business leaders is how to move training from a cost to a genuine investment in improving the bottom line.

The Construction Management Academy provides this opportunity by creating programmes that develop the management skills and capabilities that the business needs to deliver its strategic objectives and improved profitability.

By linking the business needs directly to the training programme, managers will be able to identify and eradicate recurring problems and dedicate more time to improving collaboration and performance in all parts of the business.

The business leader can then measure these improvements coming through and set more challenging objectives, confident in the knowledge that the skills are there to deliver.

The CMA develops the people to improve performance to deliver increased profits.

A new approach to training for Construction Managers that will deliver up to 25% improvement to productivity.

With site productivity stuck at under 50% (CIBSE report says 37%) the most credible way to improve performance is to improve your management.

The Construction Management Academy is developed and delivered by experienced construction peoplunlike similar programmes offered by acadademics and training focused organisations.

CMA programmes are developed to suit your business and your business strategy Managers at all levels will gain new abilities that will let them plan, motivate and control instead of fire fighting and dealing with the recurring problems of others.

Unlike other training programmes you will see tangible improvements in business performance.

The cost of the CMA programme will be fixed and based on the programme structure agreed. It may be eligible for grant support